Close Protection

There are many reasons why a Close Protection Officer may be required - it may be for the protection of a celebrity, politician, or a corporate executive...
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Corporate Security

Five Key Services: Deterrence, Observation and Reports, Safety, Protection of Persons and Property, and Customized Services...
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Door Supervision

Our Door Supervisors are highly trained in crowd control as well as drug and weapons detection and provide access control for your venue.
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Event Security

Special Events can range from festivals and entertainment events to sports, from political conventions to major corporate events

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Residential Security

We offer a 24hr Call centre service meaning we can help you at any hour of the day and provide monitoring.
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Risk Assessment

A security and safety assessment of your location(s) to help you identify which services will provide the results you seek.

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Valuable Asset Security Escorts

Security management to protect assets within your corporation or company and maximise the safety of your personnel and clients.

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Yacht and Maritime Security

Onboard and shore-side maritime security services to port, maritime and cruise line clients,

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